Be A Contributor / Donor

Together we can improve the quality of life of children by educating them, promoting better health and fostering self reliance.

We intend to help them by means of collecting donations in cash, cheque, draft, discarded clothes, stationery, food items and other resources. We deliver these items directly to deprived people, but these things always fall short than their demands.

    • Your contribution ensures that the children are not dying prematurely in absence of proper medical care
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    When all our children are educated, our country, our planet will be a better place to live in. Invest in a child's EDUCATION; ensure that they become a good human being.

    Your contribution will ensure that the children are not begging in the streets, on the roads and they attend schools, learn to live a better life.

      Your contribution will support the purchase of medicines needed for the children in extreme need of medical care to save their lives.